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My story is probably similar to many others you've read. One day, tired of the pace of life, I wanted to live slower, differently. A few years ago, I was an active and successful hotelier and loved my job, its multitasking and versatility. Until the moment when, as a participant of the ceramics workshops, I felt something that could not be described in words. I remember the day when I touched the clay for the first time, I felt its structure, plasticity and I wished these classes would never end. It was just me and the cop, my imagination and the need for creative creativity. Since I was a child, I had a passion for art. I liked to paint, decorate and beautify. From every trip I brought a sculpture, an icon, and various hand-painted vessels.

I began to dream that my newly discovered passion, love for clay could be my everyday life. I perfected molding and glazing skills, learned different techniques and spent every free moment gluing. Everything that I created I used in the kitchen for cooking which also gives me a lot of pleasure. I wanted my dishes to be not only unique, but also beautifully presented. My utensils also had to be functional and even multi-functional.

The first multifunctional thing I designed was a huge Moroccan-style red clay bowl, fired at 1,250 degrees. Its raw, Mediterranean character miraculously emphasized the natural style of the living room interior. During family celebrations we served salads there and sometimes casseroles. It was multifunctional, decorated any interior and what’s more, was dishwasher safe. It was multifunctional, decorated any interior and what’s more, was dishwasher safe.
Together with my husband we donated the bowl to the auction for the Foundation Między Niebem i Ziemią, run by Sylwia Zarzycka with a great heart for terminally ill children and their families. It was auctioned off for a very high amount of money. The fact that many people liked the bowl gave me the courage to pursue my dream and what I love doing, which gives me a respite and allows me to rest.

I am so grateful to God for the gift and to the people who believed in me and made this dream come true.

Prosta Ceramika

I create functional ceramics, tableware, kitchen and decorative dishes. The process itself is slow and full of mindfulness.

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